Onaroo OK to Wake Clocks are a must have for parents who have children that wake up at sunrise! The idea behind the design is that Green means Go! Each clock is a night light that glows a gentle yellow, but when it's time to Wake Up then the clock glows green. I have the original version with the interchangable bug and flower bezels, our son loves it and he actually waits for the green light before running into our room, shouting "my bug turned green!"

The different designs are carefully considered, take a look at the lovely cuddly owl - it is interactive but if your little ones try to play with it at night, it will remind them that it is time for sleep and will play a lullaby! The "Teach Me Time" clock is a speaking clock and has both digital and analogue displays. It also has a snooze feature that older kids will love!

See below a range of clocks by Onaroo, but I have also checked around and have alternative recommendations too (I love the traffic light clock - red - stay in bed, green means go! Brilliant!) The next best thing to an Onaroo clock though is possibly the Gro Clock, but it comes with a UK plug attached so you will need an adapter. You will notice that I have included the new and original versions of the classic "My Tot Clock", this is because the new version features a small digital display, but somehow it doesn't measure up to its predecessor.

Click the pictures and you can read the reviews, but I would begin if I were you, with the classic bug design by Onaroo as I'm sure you won't be disappointed.